Tekton Double Impacts

Anybody out there heard these??

I have dedicated audio room 14.5x20.5x9 ft.  Currently have Marantz Reference CD/Intergrated paired to Magnepan 1.7's with REL T-7 subs.  For the vast majority of music I love this system.  The only nit pick is that it is lacking/limited in covering say below 35 hz or so.  For the first time actually buzzed the panel with an organ sacd. Bummer.  Thought of upgrading subs to rythmicks but then I will need to high pass the 1.7's.  Really don't want to deal with that approach.

Enter the Double Impacts.  Many interesting things here.  Would certainly have a different set of strengths here.  Dynamics, claimed bottom octave coverage in one package, suspect a good match to current electronics.

I've read all the threads here so we do not need to rehash that.  Just wondering if others out there have FIRST HAND experience with these or other Tekton speakers

@kdude66 :  Kenny, That's terrific! Happy that you are happy.

It's great that your wife is supportive and engaged with your audio passion.

I used to own the Soul Superflys with the upgrades...miss them at times.

Read your post from the Electron thread also. Looks like you are already quite happy with the DIs. Have fun tomorrow!
Finally, finally have the USB feed more optimized. Running Roon via a Small Green Computer sonicTransporter AP as core/server. Feeds a Sonore microRendu with upgraded cabling, and powered by an UltraCap LPS-1. The LPS-1 and sT are powered by an HD-Plex.

Have the Schiit Yggdrasil - HeadAmp - Moon 330A combo back in rotation. I prefer this chain's slight edge in delicacy, ease, and insight into the music over the other systems. This system gives-up a bit in the lower frequencies and in weight/fullness vs the SST amp. I will cycle back to DAC/amp comparisons once I get the system dialed in more with the power side of the chain and with room treatment.
Anyone in the Chicagoland that has a standard pair and would kindly offer a audition. always like to hear speakers in person, regardless of price or specs.

Hi corelli You are welcome any time my system is the home theater system aolprodj
Tee Jays,Friend.Drop me a e-mail Prodjsound@aol.com