Tekton Electron has been released

As expected, the Tekton Double Impact received a 5 star rave-up from Home Theatre Review. The reviewer made mention of a smaller version for those of us with smaller rooms. I shot Eric Alexander an email at about 8:30 last night and was surprised to receive a reply a few minutes later. He said that the scaled down version, which he named the Electron, had just gone live on his website a few minutes earlier.

I haven't heard any of his speakers yet, but I am really curious, especially about this one. I'm sure that conspiracy theorists will have plenty to say about the reviewer, and the weird patent (they already have savaged the patent, and I don't really blame them), but I am not as suspicious as some, and I think these speakers must be pretty good, or they wouldn't keep getting such enthusiastic reviews from users as well. I want to hear these speakers!  

I am also in the electron vs DI camp; mainly regarding the room size; speaker height etc not so much an issue.  I believe Eric likely has been very busy, as I emailed him this question, though without a response-- And would like to know his thoughts before placing the order.  But based on what I have read here, the DIs may work just fine for my 15*22 space.  Awaiting a review from another agon member that just order the DI to pair with his LM 508, which I'm also trying to decide on my next integrated between the 508 and 219. 
@grannyring :

I second what @333jeffery wrote in response to your post. I’ve quoted it here since it is further back in this thread.

"The DI’s sound is highly dependent on what you have hooked to them. I went through two different amps and three different preamps to finally get the sound qualities that were most pleasing to my ears. They are very revealing. That said, they never sounded bad with any of my equipment, just emphasized different aspects of the recordings. For example, with a powerful solid-state amp they exhibited wonderful dynamics, whilst a tube amp give them wonderful texture. Changing preamps added and subtracted details from the music. I will say, however, that the midrange stayed nice throughout my equipment changes, just minor improvements here-and-there."

I’ve run the DIs with two different DACs, two preamps, and three different amps. In each case the DI is able to showcase the personality of the chain. I will be adding a third DAC/Pre to a fourth amp (HT components) and should have a feel for that combination in a couple of days.

To your points, there is"’proper tone," lovely in fact; "refinement"; "a sense of ease"; "warmth"; and "a lack of brightness" (which I am very sensitive to).

The best chains (so far) for my preferences have been the Exogal Comet - Ion which delivers big on ease and refinement; and the Schiit Yggdrasil - HeadAmp GS-X Mk 2 - Moon Neo 330A.

I find the Yggy - HeadAmp - SST amp combination slightly bright, but with great body, weight and fullness in the mid to lower range. This is likely due to the pairing being one of  'too much alikeness.’ I added this component combination yesterday and it definitely needs more play time before I know whether the slight brightness remains. The same component pairings worked exceptionally well with my Gemme speakers.

Hope this helps you and others considering the Electron or DIs.

Having read this thread from start to finish:

Does anyone own both the Double Impacts and Electrons?

Are any reviewers planning on covering the Electron, in addition to the Double Impact? : )
Hello all,
I just read through this tread and thought i would chime in a little.
I'm listening to my new pair of di's for the first day and I'm totally amazed.

The tweeter array plays down to 400hz with the 2 6 inch mids joining in at the same freq and maybe higher.The 2 woofers are crossed below 250hz.
Most defiantly as coherent as any speaker I have ever heard or owned in my 30 yrs in this hobby.Wonderful tone/Timbre and harmonics.

Just a quick post unfortunately I have a dentist appointment soon.