Tekton Electron has been released

As expected, the Tekton Double Impact received a 5 star rave-up from Home Theatre Review. The reviewer made mention of a smaller version for those of us with smaller rooms. I shot Eric Alexander an email at about 8:30 last night and was surprised to receive a reply a few minutes later. He said that the scaled down version, which he named the Electron, had just gone live on his website a few minutes earlier.

I haven't heard any of his speakers yet, but I am really curious, especially about this one. I'm sure that conspiracy theorists will have plenty to say about the reviewer, and the weird patent (they already have savaged the patent, and I don't really blame them), but I am not as suspicious as some, and I think these speakers must be pretty good, or they wouldn't keep getting such enthusiastic reviews from users as well. I want to hear these speakers!  



If they wouldn't overload my room, I would buy them, but they would, and I would also be too close. They are amazing speakers. I'm not interested in the Partial Eclipse.

As I have said, it's torture not being able to hear them, because I am also seriously interested in the Spatial M3 Triode Master, and I can't hear them either. It's like feeling your way around in the dark. 


I'd be interested in speaking with you offline if you are willing. I am interested in the Tekton Electrons and would be driving them with the Lyngdorf 2170 integrated I bought back in January.  Furthermore, the past speakers you've had include some that are on my audition list. You are in a unique position to talk shop with me, it seems.  Frankly, I am as interested in hearing you thoughts on the Lyngdorf compared to others you've used as I am the speakers.  I could not figure out how to contact you directly outside of this discussion.  Apologies to all.

Thank you.
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Would any of you Electron owners who have experimented with or own a low powered quality tube amp please share their findings on this marriage?