Tekton Electron SE

I had a pair of Tekton Double Impacts that I sold when I moved to a smaller home. After a year of evaluating various smaller speakers I decided to go back to Tekton but with the more compact Electron SE. In my room these speakers work perfectly. The bass on these smaller speakers is unbelievably deep and tight. I miss none of the punch from the bigger Double Impacts. On mine's I used a single Beryllium tweeter on the middle of the array. The tops on these are very extended and crisp clear more so than the DBs. The imaging and sweet-spot is electrostatic-like with excellent ability to present the faintest details in a recording. In my appreciation other than the ability to convey a "bigger" bass the Electrons have a more refined sound and the bass in my room is more than sufficient with a tighter presntation than that of the DB's. Feel free to send questions if you have any.
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@musicbox78 I too am one happy Cherry amp owner. Best secret in audio? Wanna start a thread on them separately with me ? 

Been with Tommy since 2012 or so as a Cherry owner, had his Cherry Ultra then ... and now the Megaschino. I have played with the Maraschino also. Always great reviews, but far from Mainstream snobbish audio as they still seem to distain class D as a car trunk amp POS. or is it really Advertising $$$ after all ?? 

*** zufan I not the prose writer, simply much prefer to ultilize my two God giving hearing organs. I whole heartedly will support you thou when pertinent. 

So zufan which model of ZU speakers you own, and what Cherry you running?? PS:  Tommy has my MEGA on the bench as we speak or perhaps off in testing now ..... getting his new rails installed. Mine is with 1800Watt trans, Cardas Binding posts, doulble Caps etc. Loaded!!

*** People on this forum ask stupid/silly/inane questions about their audio systems but never mention their rooms size, wall treatments, any pertinent problems as somebody is a mind reader. ***

I had always wanted the Essence ...seems the only ZU that can be considered as economical today is what the Dirty Weekend ... ?? Their prices have soared ... 

PS: Tommy also stands behind this products 100% as I can attest from years earlier.

Hiya: mine is the stereo cherry, aka the 'classic' cherry. Cherry amps have a cult following. I think when someone hears them, they buy one.  
My Zu are the Omen Def. More deets on my system page. 
Yes and your ZU Omen Def. not even breaking a sweat. Bet the sound awesome as well.