Tekton for HT usage

Hey guys!

Love their design - I'm sure they're good for music...but curious about HT and gaming...anybody w/ experience? thx!
I recently got a set of Loars, the low volume details are awesome. I’m using a McIntosh C-28 pre amp and a McIntosh mc240 tube amp. I use a separate Bluetooth digital/analogue receiver to transfer music from digital phone to pre amp. Truly impressive. McIntosh tube tuner, and Project turntable. Any music, old jazz, hard rock even classical, are incredibly clear, bass you feel in the floor.
Im thinking of changing out my old Thiels 2.3s and going Tekton. I’ve become a tru fan of Eric Alexander’s work.
Pendragons did good for HT.Currently use Lore References for Fronts and MLores for rear.I do use a pair of SVS PC2000 Cylinder Subs with them as I also did with the Pendragons.so go for it