Tekton Open Baffle Speakers

I see they have new open baffle speakers with 15 inch woofers that can be pre-ordered for 3000 bucks.  After the pre-order period they will be 7K.

Has anyone heard a prototype of this speaker?  At this price point it's tempting to order and sell if I don't like it.  I have 4 two channel systems and a vibrant stereo kit graveyard.

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Yeah it will 7k if they sell like hotcakes! Otherwise they will stay at 3 or less like his last open baffle did. 

Not a huge fan of open baffle but there is a demand and Eric sees a challenge is making one.  I wouldn't buy one on speculation to make money but if you think you might like it, you can certainly resell it easily if you don't.

They don't even have spec on the website yet.  I'd guess they will be 98dB or above focused on the SET application.


Basically the Perfect Set 15 without a box for the bass. Let’s see.....no time aligning.....tweets and mids hit your ears before the woof, no diffraction control....so smeared sound (should be felt around all 7 mid/tweets). Then there will be the xover with good but not exceptional parts, wiring and binding posts. It is way more important to have open baffle mids and highs then to have open baffle bass.  Check out the Qualio IQ for instance.

Just build your own open baffle speakers for way less that are every way better. You can make them passive or bi-amped. You can experiment for years and have lots of fun. See my page:


Ricevs, I see you’re good at repeating all the negative speculation you’ve read. Your hatred is emotional though, not intellectual. Please come over to my place and listen to a pair and your tune will change.