Tekton Open Baffle Speakers

I see they have new open baffle speakers with 15 inch woofers that can be pre-ordered for 3000 bucks.  After the pre-order period they will be 7K.

Has anyone heard a prototype of this speaker?  At this price point it's tempting to order and sell if I don't like it.  I have 4 two channel systems and a vibrant stereo kit graveyard.

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Take a look at GRResearch NX Open Baffle Speakers. Great sound, excellent detail at low volumes, and rock as hard as you can stand it. 

So many better speakers out there for the same or less money. If you like loud stuff (not quality) then go for it or buy a pair of cerwin Vega’s. 
if you want some pretty good open baffle speakers, check out underwood hifi EP series. Heard some a few years back at a rmaf show and I remember they were $3000, probably $4000-$5000 now. Of course there is Nola speakers but not sure what you can get these used for but these sounded very good at past audio shows. 

@mofojo, I wouldn’t agree with the opinion that open baffle designs aren’t good for rock/metal. I owned a pair of Spatial Audio open baffles that did rock just fine. You just have to know going in that OBs (generally) don’t do bass. So you’d want to factor in the cost of a pair of quality subs (at least) and more likely a swarm of subs. Most would insist they also be open baffle designs, so you’re either building them yourself, or selecting from a limited field. They also require a room deep enough to pull the speakers at least 4 feet into the room and far enough from any side walls. And the larger rooms required for proper placement necessitates more sub reinforcement and plenty of room treatment. Meaning, you better be single or have a dedicated room. 😀

I wouldn’t dissuade anyone from going in the OB direction, but the price (in this case $7,000) is just the point of entry.


@audioman58 I rebuilt my crossovers in my Tektons and indeed the parts are mediocre, but no more mediocre than B&W, Focal, or any other speaker under $30-50K. In fact, better than some. Tekton attracts tech savy owners who are eager to do such projects and there is a thriving community of Tekton owners who share info so more Tekton crossovers have been rebuilt than all other similar speaker combined.  

Mediocre crossover components are the $10,000 speaker market's dirty little secret.  

Claton Shaw may be a great designer but 2 way speakers are quite disadvantaged in obtaining a flat curve. He may do it. I haven’t heard his stuff.


Tekton use lower grade parts , B&W 800 series use Mundorf top  silver gold oil caps which are very good , Magico uses the same caps.