Tekton Open Baffle Speakers

I see they have new open baffle speakers with 15 inch woofers that can be pre-ordered for 3000 bucks.  After the pre-order period they will be 7K.

Has anyone heard a prototype of this speaker?  At this price point it's tempting to order and sell if I don't like it.  I have 4 two channel systems and a vibrant stereo kit graveyard.

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I run two sets of Speakers myself at present, Stacked ESL's and Floor Standing Cabinets housing Audax Carbon Fibre Drivers for both Mid and Bass with a Audax HD P4 Gold Dome Piezo Tweeter. 

The Cabinets are a coloured sonic compared to the ESL's but in comparison to typical Cabinet Speakers are on the transparent side.

I have the Cabinet Speakers mainly for adding a increase to the Richness of Tone to my sessions of listening to Blues Music, especially the performers who become mainstream as Chicago Blues Artists. 

Additionally, I have a full set of drivers stored to be used to produce a OB Speaker.

Drivers have gone through the roof in purchase prices in the past few years.

I certainly would not own all the drivers I have at present in storage if I were to collect them in todays market.


The Siegfried Linkwitz "Orion" speakers are natural sounding and superb examples of open baffle design. Check "Linkwitz Lab.com" for more info.

These people are late to the OB party. Better late than never. We built these from solid wood frames of Ash, Maple, and Mahogany back in 2010 or so. Didn’t turn out to bad.

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@ricevs I agree with your analysis.  I've heard some similar priced full range open baffle speakers whose designers took into consideration time alignment through physical and/or electrical (crossover) design.  Tekton apparently does neither.  Some engineers say that my EAR 912 and 890 gear have cheap parts and poor design.  Yes, but the designer was brilliant and still achieved high end results creating unique products which alleviate additional parts count such as huge power regulation to remove ripple effects. 
From hearing and reading about Tekton's, I'd rather own Duntechs/Dunlavys.  Since I prefer a multi-listener experience, I desire a wide dispersion speaker such as a Von Schwiekert whose goal is a disappearing speaker which creates the live performance rather than a rendering or recreation of it.  I'd rather own a B&W speaker, used and older than a Tekton for the same price
My current Legacy Signature IIIs are superior (and really inexpensive).  They have good, not expensive crossovers which permit this speaker to speak linearly, with one voice.  Quite a feat for a 4.5 way, eight driver speaker.  Deep, textured and dynamic bass like a decent separate subwoofer.  That new Tekton won't do that.  It physically can't.