Tekton Pendragon Audition in SF Bay Area?


I spoke with Eric about the Pendragons yesterday. He suggested I post to this board to see if there are any owners in the San Francisco bay area that would let me demo the Pendragons.

Since I have a JTR Orbit Shifter sub, he suggested the SEAS Pendragons, but I'd like to audition either version.

If you live in the area and can help me out, let me know, thanks!
Makes total sense for for your needs, the noesis is way the to go, especially since you got that nice JTR sub. :)

Congrats! and enjoy...
I'm not sure why you were told the Zus would not be good for a home theater (perhaps the Superflys would not, I have not heard them in a theater setting). But I had a pair of Omen Defs that was used for both 2 channel and a home theater setup and they were excellent. I also owned the Tekton Pendragons and they also would work for both very well. I ultimately chose the Omen Defs as I liked their midrange presentation better, but either of those speakers would work very well in a home theater.
i just found this thread, i do have the pendragon set up and love it. Pen fronts and center with m-lores as surrounds. we will probably be moving so thought i will sell the whole package rather than ship. i will definately be buying tekton again. we live in the Santa Rosa area.
Oh, very important.......I have the complete set of Pendragon Grills, not the cheap foam ones. The real deal!!