Tekton Polycell15

103db made with a different array which is more like a horn or waveguide. 15" dual woofers. He has it as a pro audio product. Seems ideal for flea-watt home use as well. 


Yes,this is one of the new ideas that Eric told me about during our phone conversation a wk ago.I won’t mention the tweeter brand,maybe he will post more info.Very high sensitivity and in a more compact size than the big Ulfberhts and at a price point that more can afford.

Like others have said before he must never sleep,


Low frequency extends only to 30 hz whereas the DIs, with twin 10 inch drivers, go down to 20hz. Wonder why there isn't greater range with the 15" drivers; could it be the cabinet size?

Or the greater sensitivity,nature of the beast,probably both factors realistically.

Being a horn lover, this looks like a hell of a speaker to me. The D' Appolito arrangement of the Double Impact with the greater ease and efficiency of horns. It looks like a good idea, but of course it's all about the sound. 


If it is efficiency, then the 20-30hz content is probably there but laying 6-12 db down. Probably can be brought back -- as they say in the studio world -- "responds well to EQ."