Tekton Polycell15

103db made with a different array which is more like a horn or waveguide. 15" dual woofers. He has it as a pro audio product. Seems ideal for flea-watt home use as well. 


Looks like there is a 1" driver this company makes that would fit this horn. The driver has gotten great feedback for its reasonable price and sound quality. Would make sense if he is using it. I’m glad Eric keeps thinking about his array and trying different speakers. This horn type interests me more than the beryllium version we saw a few months ago.

I’m sure Eric could make a monitor version for you if you were interested.

Kenny - I'm sure he could! ha,ha The thing about people like Eric is they don't like to sit still. Their designs, and implementation of those designs, are going to change. I think that's a good thing but it also means you will most likely not have the latest and greatest.
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