Telefunken Black Diamond E88CC / 6922

Noticed these at Tube Depot. Anybody tried these new tubes ??
I am well aware of what NOS means; which is why I used the term. I am not sure of why you misunderstood my post, but I bought the Telefunkens from Upscale Audio as old and unused.
That's a strange comment. Do you mean that you would buy them simply because they are stamped with the Telefunken logo, even though they are a JJ design?
If you take a tube, any tube, and put Telefunken on it; is it a Telefunken? May I posit that only a Telefunken is a Telefunken and a non-Telefunken is not a Telefunken no matter what name you put on it?
Of course you can take a Telefunken and put any other name on it and it will still be a Telefunken.