Tell us your worst audio dealer or mfr. experience.

Please tell us the worst experience you've had with a Dealer, Manufacturer or both and what actions were needed and what the outcome was.
I'm sure there are many interesting horror stories.
Interested to hear all.
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"05-03-15: Buconero117
I agree, there are some 'slippery' sales people at the Stereo Exchange."

Actually, its the owner that's slippery.
With the best of intentions, I dealt with David Wasserman, the owner of Stereo Exchange in NYC - I bought a pair of used Eggleston Rosa speakers from him here on Audiogon.
He was VERY patient, professional and accommodating. I took weeks to finally pick them up due to my business schedule and me not being readily available. It was a very positive experience - he established my trust and confidence.
I highly recommend David.
I am sincerely sorry to hear about Zd542 slipping and falling - we've all had that unpleasant experience. Not fun :-(
Only good wishes, TJF.
I don't want to get started on Tim Paravincini, but I needed
a replacement part and his personal behavior (not the amp) caused me to fix it and dump it because I didn't ever want anything in my system that reminded me of his incredible
behavior over a simple broken part for one of his amps.
I hear ya! In this cottage industry, I dump anything if not happy with the company.

I'm a big fan of EAR and glad never had to deal with Tim Paravincini directly.