Tell us your worst audio dealer or mfr. experience.

Please tell us the worst experience you've had with a Dealer, Manufacturer or both and what actions were needed and what the outcome was.
I'm sure there are many interesting horror stories.
Interested to hear all.
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I get what you're saying about having a bad experience, but is it fair to condemn all retailers because of it? Also, if you don't have any good local dealers, I can recommend some excellent dealers that will do the right thing by you.
CSA Audio, Montclair, NJ, 35 years ago. Paid in full for an Audio Research RPR-1 with faceplate that they were to order for me. Weeks passed and when I called them, they gave me hassle and excuses. I went to the store, and when they finally admiited they hadn't ordered it yet and couldn't give me a delivery date, I asked for a refund. Mind you, I was as polite as could be. They asked me to leave and when I repeated my request for a refund, they called the cops!

I then called ARC and had the unit - it was the last they had - shipped to another ARC dealer. (Audio Advocate in Millburn.)

CSA did finally refund my money. I never did business with them again.
Cleeds: Who at CSA did you deal with back then? Was it a guy named Dale?
In all fairness to CSA, it should be noted that the ownership changed many years ago.
I don't recall the name of the person I dealt with - but it was one of the owners. Certainly, it's fair to note that the store's ownership has changed, if that's true. But, I've since found other audio stores who have earned my respect and business, so there's no reason at all for me to return to return to CSA.
It's not really a bad experience but a frustrating one. I called one of my dealers (name withheld because it is not so bad) to suggest a cartridge for my tonearm - that I bought from him a while back. Said on the phone, I will get back to you. 2 weeks pass and I call another retailer who carries my arm and table, talked good options and bought one on the phone.

Never heard back from the other, have bought several things from him over the years and there always seems to be a delay or snafu - no sense of urgency. When an audiophile is ready to buy it is time to sell him something!