Telos Mini Quantum Resonator (MQR) & Puron Filter together

So, I have been a big proponent of the Puron Filters, they have been an awesome addition to my system. I now have a total of 10 of them plugged into my 3 different dedicated lines. Highly recommended!

Recently, I have tried the new Telos Mini Quantum Resonator (MQR). It is close to the physical size of the Puron Filter and also just plugs into the wall, but it has a different look. Kinda nice looking unit. I now have purchased 2 of them.

I’ll cut to the sound quality comparison. While the Puron expands the soundstage the Telos MQR deepens the image. It adds a heft to the music. More meat on the bones as they say. But too many Telos’s (MQR) though and the soundstage gets hardened. Whereas additional Puron’s is a good thing.

Plugging the Telos (MQR as the Puron) into my Niagara power conditioners is still not a good thing. They benefit the most being plugged into the wall outlet that the conditioners are plugged into.

Now a surprising location for the Telos (MQR) was into the power strip in another room that powers my computer equipment. i.e., Modem, EtherRegen, After Dark Clock and power supply.  At this location, my streaming from Qobuz improved in overall sound quality. I’m thinking because in this power strip there are more digital nasties that this device goes after.

So, both units together do provide an added synergy. It is hard to use one without the other. I now have one Telos (MQR) in my main system dedicated circuit and another with my computer equipment.



Hi Ozzy,


I did not realize as it is is at least 5 years back, but know that there were updated versions 3.1 or 5.1.


They 1st version was still relatively reasonably priced, given the solid milled aluminium..


Their new offering are touted to have selected parts and added a schmann type board into the unit and prices more than doubled.


If you do come across the 1st version only on the used market. 


There are even higher speced similar power filter conditioners which are stuffed with expensive duelund capacitors and their products are now priced at super exotic levels, which however effective, cannot make sense for a tweak.

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@ozzy I have a half dozen of these types of devices and the Telos is on my to do list.

But I doubt there is many of us who can get 10 purons and multiple Telos. Perhaps pull them all out and do a head to head, 1x Telos v Puron? This would give a better indication of what they do.

You comment about the 2nd line with network gear - I found the same thing with my MIT Predator 6, it worked best plugged into the line feeding all the switches, routers and NAS. 

I have also had Nordost Qv2, Alan Mayer filters, and others. They all seem to do something different.

As I have stated I think the Puron’s and the Telos do different things. The Puron creates soundstage depth and width. While the Telos deepens the image and "muscle" of the sound. Works quite well together.

Thanks for your comments.