Telos Mini Quantum Resonator (MQR) & Puron Filter together

So, I have been a big proponent of the Puron Filters, they have been an awesome addition to my system. I now have a total of 10 of them plugged into my 3 different dedicated lines. Highly recommended!

Recently, I have tried the new Telos Mini Quantum Resonator (MQR). It is close to the physical size of the Puron Filter and also just plugs into the wall, but it has a different look. Kinda nice looking unit. I now have purchased 2 of them.

I’ll cut to the sound quality comparison. While the Puron expands the soundstage the Telos MQR deepens the image. It adds a heft to the music. More meat on the bones as they say. But too many Telos’s (MQR) though and the soundstage gets hardened. Whereas additional Puron’s is a good thing.

Plugging the Telos (MQR as the Puron) into my Niagara power conditioners is still not a good thing. They benefit the most being plugged into the wall outlet that the conditioners are plugged into.

Now a surprising location for the Telos (MQR) was into the power strip in another room that powers my computer equipment. i.e., Modem, EtherRegen, After Dark Clock and power supply.  At this location, my streaming from Qobuz improved in overall sound quality. I’m thinking because in this power strip there are more digital nasties that this device goes after.

So, both units together do provide an added synergy. It is hard to use one without the other. I now have one Telos (MQR) in my main system dedicated circuit and another with my computer equipment.



Hi cappucino,

How are the QWave and QSine?


What effect do they have.

Have you tried the purons too?

@bemused , I have been a pretty hard core enthusiast in more than 20 yrs and have far more tweaks and power conditioning gear that could be considered as "normal". For example, I have more power conditioning gear on my regrigerator or my freezer than other entusiasts have in a large stereo system. So yes, it makes a huge difference. Actually, I have tweaked my systems so heavily that it is easier for me to hear upgrades I do on other ac lines, like the ones for refrigerator, freezer, ventilation etc. I don’t say that should be normal, but that is how it is in my house, even with dedicated lines, upgraded fuses in my meter board etc.
So I don’t use one brand of power conditioning gear for these devices (refrigerator and freezer), but from many brands,typ. Ansuz, Nordost, ADD Powr, High Fidelity, Furutech and Telos. I also have Darkz damping feet for several of these, Furutech distributors and high end power cords - and even Shakti stones behind them... go figure! Yes, I know it sounds crazy, but I wouldn’t change it:) If I remove one piece I easily hear it in my stereo.

@justubes2, I find the Nordost QWave to be stronger than the Qv2, it is also supposed to work not only in lower bass region as the Qv2, but also upper bass. The QSine is kind of invisible, but just makes everything more transparent, also in higher frequencies, gives more air and bigger soundstage. It is easy also to see with video, the picture gets crystal clear. I find it to be better and more neutral than Qk1. It can remind a little of ADD Powr, but still they are different, hard to explain... IMO, both QWave and QSine do not limit dynamics at all. I have never tried Purons.



I too have most of power tweeks as yourself. For Nordost, 2x QX4 and also have several Addpowr symphony's.


Also found them of some high end cord are needed which gave very nice results and could not replace with cheaper cord.


The Ansuz active plug ins gave what you describe of the qsine and wave. I coyls use 2 at most and openess starts to thin out the mids. Are the new Nordost plug ins similar in effect?


I have have them scattered around, even on other power phase lines to good effect. 


Recently added a good number of purons, also work well on lines elsewhere, no neccessarily at the plug to fridges, but i believe they had the same effect elsewhere, probably  the same phase.


The purons are very different to the addpowrs, Ansuz plugins and found them more like the effect of the later HFC helix + plugins.


So was curious about the nordost. Do the nordost work more in the music room environment or anywhere around? I did not try the qv2.

justubes2, I see you have been playing with various plugs too:)
Too much Ansuz on the stereo ac line can make bass too heavy in my experience, especially the older version of the Sparkz. Their new Sparks TC3 is much better than previous generations. But they are very effective noise killers, and the older versions work very well also on other power lines. I have both TC2 and TC3 plugs in my home theater also.

For Nordost QWave/QSine/Qv2/Qk1 they also are good on other lines, but I think they are products you typically prioritize to have on your stereo ac line. And here I prefer to have as many as possible of them. They do no harm, only good. Same with ADD Powr, especially the bigger units, but some of their plugs work well on other lines. And the same with Telos QNR and Macro N. For the Mini-Q I find it better to have them on other lines since they are not quite in the same league as their bigger brothers.

I have put ADD Powr Symphony Pros where I earlier had Nordost Qx2/Qx4 so the Qx2/Qx4 units I have are no primarily serving on other lines. I have them on both my refrigerator and freezer where they do a really good job:)

I am familiar with the HFC helix plugs. I have plenty of them and really love them, so what you say about Puron sounds very promising - and tempting! I found a US dealer who could deliver with Schuko plug. We´ll see...

For the Ansuz, have a TC and another TC2, adding 2 x TC2 could not work.


Have a number of Symphony’s / pro and the new versions to all around on good DC power which propels there performance.


I do not have any more outlet iny listenimg room, therefore hesistating to try the Nordost qwaves.

Do you recommed the TC3 over them.


Somehow, the QX2/Qx4 has different effect although much the same as the Symphony’s. It is either the thick housing or the algorythm is just different, more heft and dynamics.


I have the gen 1 telos and past 2 units did not bring much more.


These tweeks are critical on good power and cords.


I had to remove all the 1st version HFC as they were great for a start if only having a few, not more than 3 as they are just too clean sounding.


What do the TC3 do above the rest?

I do have 8 puron scattered around, i do prefer the effect, very visceral and present sounding compared to others and had nice improvements with each additional unit which surprised me not sounding overly clean.


I too cannot imagine taking these tweeks out, actually if 1 or 2 are somehow not on, i find something amiss!