Temporary Down Sizing - Integrated Amp Recommendations

Moving into a small condo, as I need to take care of my parents for a few years, so my reference system is being put in storage.

My current reference system is:

  • T+A PA3100HV integrated Amp
  • T+A CRITERION TCD 110 S Floor-standing speakers
  • Cary Audio DMS 700 Digital Source & DAC
  • Clear Audio Ovation Turntable

The new system will perform double duty for both music and two channel cinema - (no more surround sound equipment either - ugh).

Because of the limited space open floor plan of the condo (having to keep the speakers close to the front wall) and needing to create a omni-directional sound stage - appealing to a wider listening group, I have decided to go with Ohm Tall 1000 speakers. I will also keep my Cary Audio DMS 700 as my digital music/NAS/ Streaming source & and use it’s DAC for ingesting the digital audio from the video feeds into the system.

For the amp - based on the decor (read wife) I’ve decided to go with a bit of vintage look, UV meters, on the integrated amp - which will be displayed as a center piece on the entertain console under the TV.

With a budget up to ~$3k I have been thinking about:

  • Yamaha A-S2200
  • Luxman L-505uXII
  • Vincent Audio SV-228 hybrid

Since I don’t need any digital capability the Yamaha and Luxman are very appealing, but I am a bit concerned with the reviews of those units and the references to those companies house sound signatures, as my T+A leans on the warm, analog side of neutral - not typically the way the Japanese brands are described as. The Vincent with a tube front end might be closer to what I am use to, but it doesn’t have balanced inputs and has a built-in DAC which I don’t need.

Long story short I would appreciate any constructive input, advise, recommendations.












Thank you all so very much for the advise and the kind comments. I am going to do some additional research on some of the recommended amps, but I am leaning towards the Luxman L-505uXII. If I decide on the Luxman are there any concerns about importing one from Japan and using a stepdown transformer?   

some people do it, seem to be fine with it, but i personally would never do a voltage step down transformer with any hifi component, much less a powerful amplifier that draws much energy

my experience, luxman may have very nice build quality (and sexy meters), but accuphase is superior in overall musicality of sound than most luxmans (except for their all class a units)

I agree with your statement between Luxman and Accuphase. Unfortunately a newer vintage Accuphase is a bit out of my reach (budget wise).

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By instinct we prefer made for our voltage, and if re-sell, that would be more favorable, however, I, and people all over the planet successfully use voltage convertors.

My JVC Victor Turntable is 100v. A small totally quiet 120/100 does the job, you do not need anything fancy, just avoid cheap.

My little Luxman, 10wpc punches way above it’s weight, it is happily driving restored AR-2ax’s 91 sensitivity. Before, it surprisingly did well driving small Wharfedales, sensitivity 87, lowest I ever owned.

Audio classics highly recommended the Luxman to me, remarked how many of their McIntosh customers owned them.