Ten audiophile commandments

What could it be?
So far I came up to one. If it sounds great - begin upgrading.
A componant with a blown cap shall be deemed unclean and must leave the rack for a period of seven days.
Thou shalt not possess an IPOD
Thou shalt not have Mid-Fi before me
Thou shalt never be happy with thy gear
Thou shalt not commit Audultry
thou shall not raise up voice against The One True Hierarchy of Audio. Be content in the knowledge that The Hierarchy describes with neither error nor flaw the loftiest domains of heaven and the most debase bardos of hell:
Reel to reel
File-based anything...

Thou, or, better yet, YOU, shall shut the f...k up when the needle hits the groove.
Oregon, I hope you didn't mean I should do that when my needle hits the groove.