Tenor 75WP or Lamm 1.1 for Kharma Midi Grand?

I'm getting close to pulling the trigger on a pair of Midi Grands. Now for the matching amp., the Tenor 75WP and Lamm 1.1 are on the top of my list. Can someone any offer opinions based on ownership?

Thanks is advance.
For me I'd go Lamm do to the more stable compamy background.Everything else being equal.....
I have had ML1's for several years and they are very open and transparent and should provide good bass control for the Kharma's. My speakers which are 95db effecient allowed me to move up the chain to the ML2's. If I had less effecient speakers though I would still be using the ML1's. My disclaimer is that I do have my ML1's for sale.
Thanks to everyone who responded. Looks like the majority prefer Lamm due primarily to the stability of the company. Thanks again.
There is no doubt that the Tenor/Midi Grand combo is much better sounding. That being said, Tenor is currently out of business and not producing the amplifiers right now. That being said, the designer and lead technician are fully supporting the amplifiers and are easily reachable in Montreal.

The OTL's have always been reliable as long as they are run with a speaker that has a benign impedence. No different than any OTL amplifier in this regard.