Teo Game-Changer IC's - get on the bus!

I wrote an extremely long review of 4 cables auditioned in my system recently. I pontificated for way too long and it was more an outlet for me to tell a story that cables do matter and how much each design can make your system sound. The last cable through was the Teo GC IC purchased here and it truly was a game-changer in how it shifts our paradigm about what wire gives us as "truth" and what this slurry of Ga-In-Sn can do better (IMO). Not a technical review but an emotional roller coaster through 4 different topologies:


I'm happy to re-broadcast that here but it is very long (6+ MSWord pages long). I'll point to it for now and take your advice.

Bottom line is the GC cable is truly stunning in what it can do and for us mere mortals who cannot spend thousands on cabling, I believe it can elevate anyone's system to new heights.


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I can understand your frustration, I am patiently (sort of) waiting for my second set of GCs. In my case, I know they are worth the wait. The GE ICs are really good sounding cables, and I was very happy with them. The GCs clearly bettered them, though, and the difference is not subtle.

I wouldn’t let this bump in the road keep you from trying the GCs in your system; they really are as special as people here have said.


I never said there shipping time was not acceptable, but there lack of response to a paying customer is. A simple email response stating that it will take longer than stated is all that was needed.


I don’t see how this will be possible now.