Teres, Galibier and Redpoint

After a lot of research deciding whether I should upgrade the motor on my Avid Volvare or my cartridge I have now decided that upgrading my transport is the way to go. I don't have to worry about motor compatability problems and I can always upgrade my cartridge at a later date. Being that I nearly always prefer pursueing the small company, and that the unsuspended route seems right, the three shops above have really caught my interest.

The Teres 320 or 340, Galibier Gavia and Redpoint Model A all cost about the same. But the same problem arises, I don't have an opportunity to hear and compare them and unless it's on my system, it doesn't really matter. I in no way mean to insult Chris, Thom or Peter, but what seperates these three tables in term of sonics? I say this only because they are contributors to this forum. Anyone have any opinions?

My arm is a Tri-Planar VII. Phonostage a Thor. Art Audio SET amps. Systrum rack. Thanks for your input. Richard
Well, I spent 3 hours listening to the Galibier Gavia with a Moerch arm and a Van Den Hull Black Beuty. Black background and a very tight sense of image focus. It's tough to point out the sonic attributes of the table because all of the electronics were of very high quality as well. But the Galabier was solid and very nicely machined. I was impressed. Because of the seperate motor unit, your rack will require a minimum 23" base to hold both components. My Sistrum rack, as is, would only hold the table.
Just one correction Dan ... NO Rumble with any of these turntables.

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Thom @ Galibier
Haha! Didn't think about table rumble. I was worried some would think there was going to be fisticuffs!