Teres, Galibier and Redpoint

After a lot of research deciding whether I should upgrade the motor on my Avid Volvare or my cartridge I have now decided that upgrading my transport is the way to go. I don't have to worry about motor compatability problems and I can always upgrade my cartridge at a later date. Being that I nearly always prefer pursueing the small company, and that the unsuspended route seems right, the three shops above have really caught my interest.

The Teres 320 or 340, Galibier Gavia and Redpoint Model A all cost about the same. But the same problem arises, I don't have an opportunity to hear and compare them and unless it's on my system, it doesn't really matter. I in no way mean to insult Chris, Thom or Peter, but what seperates these three tables in term of sonics? I say this only because they are contributors to this forum. Anyone have any opinions?

My arm is a Tri-Planar VII. Phonostage a Thor. Art Audio SET amps. Systrum rack. Thanks for your input. Richard
RWD - The platter was the graphite Stelvio. Nicely machined and slick looking. The table was an anodized gray. Understated, not striking. Redpoint's red anodizing looks more nifty to me. But it's just aesthetics. BTW, Thom's right about the Micro Seiki arm. My mistake.
Please see my comments under "Schroeder vs Tri-Planer Vll sonic differences" Thank you!
Wishing Dan_ed well!!!!!
Dan is off to Denver for a shootout of Galibier-Teres-Schroder-Tri-Planer and maybe more this weekend. I know we will ALL benefit from his trip! I wish him a good safe, happy time and I awiat a full report for us all when he returns....boy now isn't that pressure!!

Rick! You dirty rat! (My best James Cagne!) :)

I'm posting here from Denver, up before the rooster since I'm still on eastern time. Just to be clear I don't really see this as a shootout so much since there won't be a a/b in the same system with all other components being the same. I think of it more as some really great auditions of choice quality stuff.

I'll try to post this weekend but in reality it may not be until monday.