Teres, Galibier and Redpoint

After a lot of research deciding whether I should upgrade the motor on my Avid Volvare or my cartridge I have now decided that upgrading my transport is the way to go. I don't have to worry about motor compatability problems and I can always upgrade my cartridge at a later date. Being that I nearly always prefer pursueing the small company, and that the unsuspended route seems right, the three shops above have really caught my interest.

The Teres 320 or 340, Galibier Gavia and Redpoint Model A all cost about the same. But the same problem arises, I don't have an opportunity to hear and compare them and unless it's on my system, it doesn't really matter. I in no way mean to insult Chris, Thom or Peter, but what seperates these three tables in term of sonics? I say this only because they are contributors to this forum. Anyone have any opinions?

My arm is a Tri-Planar VII. Phonostage a Thor. Art Audio SET amps. Systrum rack. Thanks for your input. Richard
If I may pre-empt Doug (Doug, with your permission), he will not have any encouraging and supportive words for you regarding the Graham 2.2.
All of the ZYX's are excellent cartridges in their price ranges, but the issue is more with the 2.2's ability to handle them rather than the other way around.
The UNIverse seems to be quite happy with what ever tonearm it lands on and the XV1-s is a great cartridge as well (but for my money not quite the joy that one gets from the UNIverse). The Airy3 does not do so well on the Graham 2.2, but the Airy2 works well with the 2.2 but lacks so much that the Airy3 has to offer when mounted on the right arm.
For me, the no-brainer is to get a UNIverse as your next cartridge (providing that the budget allows) and you will be fine wherever you end up with regards to tonearms.
If life were perfect, I would own a Schroder Reference and a Tri-Planar VII (I am half way there). After that, I would want to have 3 cartridges: UNIverse, Olympus, and an XV-1s. Put any combination of the above on either the best Teres or Galibier and you can start focusing on your pre, amp, speakers or wires.
I hope life gets a bit drier for you and the family.
Thanks to everyone for the support. Hang in there Speedy, that amp will come back and be all the better.

It does look like we're having a change in the weather to more dry air for the next week so maybe things will really improve around here. No complaints from me, though. My only problem through all of this is not being able to get the grass cut. Oh damn! Another weekend of uninterrupt vinyl has come and gone. I don't know how I make it through!

I guess it really is a no brainer about the UNIverse. I'll just have to see how the budget handles it. I'm already making plans for amp and speaker changes so I do want to have something left.
Thanks for the education. It has been fascinating. Now, to complicate things further, has anyone compared some of the finest high mass, unsuspended designs (Galibier, Teres, Redpoint, etc., etc.,) with the finest suspended designs (Avid, Oracle, etc., etc.,). We probably know the arguements for both sides by now and that execution is more important than which design. Are there any small Galibier-like shops that manufacturer suspended designs? I think I recognize that any choice, as long as the arm/cartridge/table combo is synergistic, will be a good one, but are we really sure all the damping/weight, done very well, is the better choice. As I've said when I started this thread I have a suspended Avid Volvere and was looking to upgrade. One thing I believe is that with my table and Systrum rack (which drains and doesn't damp) the vibration just floooows into my concrete floor. But, also, my choice to a/b borders on nill. Anyone have anything to volunteer in this area?
Hi Richard,

I've been woefully behind on this thread due to working on some background issues. As I wrote to Dan_ed privately, I'll expand on the Anvil and other questions in the next 36 hours.

Regarding suspended designs, there's a new keeper of the Merrill turntable flame. Check out the AR Vinyl Nirvana site at: http://www.vinylnirvana.com/

Specifically, it's my understanding that Anthony Scillia is carrying the AR/Merrill torch. The direct link to that page on this site is: http://www.vinylnirvana.com/ar_mods1.shtml

IMHO, the Merrill turntable (evolved from George's mods of the AR), is the best suspended turntable I've ever heard.

Back when Chris first met me, it was my trusty Merrill that made him get back into vinyl after some 20 years of buying into the promise of digital. I had heard many contenders to the throne over the 9 years I ran my Merrill Heirloom and they all fell short of the mark by varying degrees. I've not heard the latest Oracle, but this is perhaps the only other suspended turntable I'd consider. But that's just me ...

Thom @ Galibier