Teres turntable motor problems

Hi, i have an original web/kit Teres turntable that i build the armboard and base for.  The motor was upgraded from original pod to signature status 10+ years ago.

I am having intermittent issues with the motor pod.  I am running a 1/2" silk ribbon for a belt, and am getting speed problems that start and stop and also complete stops of the motor on a very random basis.  I have very lightly oiled the motor shaft and replaced the bearing motor recently, also checked the speed probe gap and cleaned that area off. 

it don't even see the teres website up anymore, so i assume the Chris Brady email there would be dead?  It also sounds like the motors are no longer available, so I am thinking worst case i need to go with a new motor system to run this table?

Scheu, Sota, Galibier, VPI, ?  The Sota option is $1500

Anyone on this forum who has already gone down this path that can give me some advice? 

thank you

Tim in Seattle.


I'm sure that there's a cap that provides a directional momentum for your motor. Replace one and see if it fixes issue.

Also I'm very new to using silk ribbon for the belt. It seems to me VERY SLIPERY to do so. Can't you use normal conventional rubber one? Teres and I'm sure many other small private manufacturer brands are indeed very temporary to the life expectancy of the owner. Once that happens, you are on your own and must take your own decisions.

I'd contact Thom at Galibier; he and Chris and Peter from Redpoint worked together prototyping those early tables, and knows a lot about their design .  More than likely there's an issue with the control electronics for the motor/sensor assembly.  Thom can work with you to upgrade your motor to one of his, which integrates the controller into the motor itself (no more external sensor).  You'd get a new belt in the process as well.


Good idea to work with Thom at Galibier. I also wonder whether you could adapt the SOTA Eclipse motor system to the Teres. But it’s always easy to suggest a costly remedy for what might be a problem with an inexpensive solution.

I sent an email to Thom, thanks for the suggestion.  Has anyone used the Sota total eclipse system on a non-sota table?  The Sota is $1500, the Galibier is $2745, I can't imagine a solution from VPI could be any cheaper....