Teres Verus Rim Drive Motor with Pro-ject RM10

I'm thinking of buying a Teres Verus rim-drive motor, replacing my RM10's belt-drive motor and its SpeedBox SE controller. The Pro-ject has responded very well to the added isolation of an HRS M3 isolation base and a new Soundsmith "The Voice" (ebony) moving iron cartridge.

Has anyone tried this combination? If so, what were the results? Are there any issues that I should watch out for?

I don't have the Project, but I can tell you it's a substantial improvement on a VPI Scoutmaster.
I don't know about your isolation, but the motor should be on the same base as the table. I tried my Verus on a separate base from the Gingko the table was on, and it was obvious that wouldn't work.
Setting speeds can be a little tricky and the wording of the manual could be better, but you should be fine. Chris is very responsive to help too.
Jamnperry, thanks. I saw the excellent review elsewhere on A'gon and got the idea that zeroing the speed wasn't user friendly, BUT that's a seldom needed adjustment that I can live with checking periodically.

Thanks for the advice about the base. I've got Pro-ject's stock isolation base on top of an HRS M3 base, both of which have a large enough footprint for the Verus to lean against my platter on the same base.

The Verus should work well with the project if you really like DIY you could always upgrade the plinth as well maybe use slatedeck or maple steel aluminum sandwich as in the scoutmaster; costs would not be so bad and would really take this into a different league
We had no trouble setting the best speed during our Verus trial. It was straightforward and should rarely need readjustment.

I've heard the RM10 with the standard motor and Speedbox SE. I expect a Verus would provide a significant upgrade.
Dougdeacon, I see that you're still with the belt drive. Why didn't you go with the Versus?


We tried the Verus when it first came out and I reported our results in various posts, mostly on this thread . That report reads like a pan but it was never intended as such. Before reading it please consider the following...

On topics like this it's difficult for me to convey in writing how damn persnickety we are, especially to those who've never heard our system. Yet that's vital for understanding our Verus report. Just because something didn't work for us doesn't make it wrong for you. Our ears and preferences almost certainly differ from yours.

Keep in mind that our Verus's competition was the most speed accurate/speed stable belt driven table we've heard anywhere. Ours is not a standard Teres belt drive. Our motor was customized. Our controller was modified. Our belt is custom made. There's no other Teres table anywhere (that I know of) which sounds like this one.

Also keep in mind that most people consider the music we listen to and our sensitivity to pitch and harmonic overtone structures a bit "out there", maybe more than a bit!

How nutty are we? At RMAF, out of dozens of turntables there were only three we would enjoy. The least expensive, a Galibier Gavia, goes for $6K+ and has a drive system which can be tweaked to *almost* match what we use. The other two were a three motor TW-Acustic Raven at $15K and Mosin's fabulous Saskia idler drive table at $35K. Every other table we heard had audible drive system anomalies that set off our radar.

An RM-10 is not a table we'd use without a drive system change. A Verus would, in my estimation, bring it much closer to the kind of speed stability that we enjoy, for a very attractive price.

Hope that helps clarify our take on the most challenging aspect of TT performance - maintaining "perfect" rotational platter speed. Since I'm recommending a Verus it should be clear that I'm not prejudiced against it, as some have thought in the past - no doubt due to my failure to communicate.

Doug, why do you speak in the plural? Do you have some sort of audio company?

No, a partner/music lover/audiophile who's ears and brain are both better than mine. Most of the advances in our system over the years that we've shared here over the years stemmed from his ideas/brainstorms. I just talk alot!
Doug, once again, thanks for the clarification. I seldom see the "we" here, so it's nice to see someone with a regular listening partner. I occasionally have such luxury and find it both validating (that two people hear the same things) and just enjoyable.


Actually, Doug just liked to refer to himself in first person plural.

Personally, I think it's becasue he's got the "Verizon Network" behind him.
I just ordered 25 EPDM O-Rings and 10 Silicone O-Rings from McMaster-Carr. Since I only need 1 of each for my tweaking, I will have *plenty* left over. If anyone needs another O-Ring for your Verus, send me a SASE and I'll drop one in the mail.
Old thread, but has anyone heard the RM10.1? Is this a new table or just 10cc arm? The w/f spec on Millers Audio Research are .01%wow and .02%flutter. If true, that's world class, besting many tables including some Brinkemann DD tables.

The only table with better specs on MAR site was the AirForce