Terminator II or Rockna Wavedream Edition (non signature version) which one to buy and why


I would like some help to decide which one of those 2 good dac I should end my quest...

The terminator II (a bit down from the plus model)


the rockna wavedream edition (non signature version)


I cannot find anything comparing those exact one together on the net

So if someone did tried those two I would appreciate your personal preference....


I was looking for a may kte but change my mind...

and also looking for a la scala optologic but would have to find one used in good condition, I don't dig the nextel covers.... After years the nextel get sticky and fragile....  I know because I used to own a esoteric p2-d2 and it became a problem with age..


Thank in advance



Dantheman you can check out thorough measurements of both Rockna WaveDream Net and WaveDream dac including Denafrips Terminator 2 or the plus ? over on AudioPhileStyle , member GoldenOne has done an extensive review I think will help you to decide.

I recently sold the WaveDream pair they hold their value very well , fabulous sounding though expensive.


Just an FYI for the OP and Denafrips owners who may not already be aware of this- I’ve found that utilizing the USB output is an absolute must. I initially discounted using USB because my unit needed a firmware upgrade which I didn’t have the capability of doing. Long story short, I recently took care of the firmware and went with a Sablon 2020 usb cabe. The difference between USB and coax is significant. 

For In_shore....


You said    I recently sold the WaveDream pair   what did you used after, terminator plus ?

Thank again

Yes, curious to know what @in_shore replaced the WD pairing with… but I do realize this is a year old thread… 

I’ve been absent from Audiogon , to answer Dantheman and Jriggy question the Rockna WaveDream server and WaveDream dac are beautiful sounding however I had someone bring over a DIY server for me to check out , I felt the DIY server was as good as the Rockna WaveDream Net for thousands less .
I ended up selling the Rockna Net plus at the time Holo Audio was getting a lot of attention I bought the May KTE dac then replaced it with a Merason Dac 1 I felt in combination with the DIY server I had built for me the Merason reproduced the human pitch a little more realistically ,..the fun of trying out stuff never gets old .