Terry DeWick has passed

I just read in another forum that Terry DeWick has passed. May he rest in peace. 


I had only email communications with him. He was quick to respond helpfully. A good man indeed. 

I hadn’t heard of him until now. What stands out in this discussion is the very positive impact he had on others. We are in short supply of upstanding people of character and skill. My sincere condolences to all of those who knew him.

I bought from Tom Manley. One of the items (MC2002) had a fuse/power problem. Tom provides a warranty but it had expired. I shipped it to Terry on Tom’s direction. I couldn’t believe how little he wanted to fix it. It was an altogether pleasant transaction. I later found out Terry was a renowned McIntosh tech. RIP.

I never knew or corresponded with Terry... but in reading through various forums over the years, the man always received rave reviews and was held in the highest of regard with those he came in contact with. 

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