Can someone tell me what the word "tessitura" means as relating to tubes? There is a tube seller who uses that term to describe every freakin' tube he's selling. Apparently, every tube he has has excellent tessitura, leading one to believe there is no such thing as tube that displays bad tessitura. I don't want to miss the boat on this. Is it like kharma?
ASAIK tessitura is the range of sound (the pitch in a general way) of an instrument -- usually referred to in vocal -- as in, "the tessitura of the soprano...".
For tubes, I dunno. What's the tessitura of a tube? A mezzosporano tube? A baritone tube?
He probably means the following: please buy from me. All my tubes are outstanding (as everyone else's) but I know and use the word tessitura that others don't. So choose me.
Hi, I'm Italian. The word "tessitura", strictly translating, means texture, but I imagine in that case it is used to describe a liquid, organic, smooth sound. The type of sound usually referred to a tube device. So... it means nothing.
I've heard the word used idiomatically to refer to a range of pitches. As in cellos,trombones,tenor human voices,and bassoons share the same tessitura.
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