Testing Ethernet switch

If you have bought an "audio" Ethernet switch, don't bother with this thread 

If you question Ethernet switches, here is one test of one brand. 

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 I agree totally, this forum is audio applications and most are not coms people, but we use coms and as I am one, ( yea, and I too have a stack of classes and certifications) I was trying to help those who are not.  If you don't want that help, fine, don't read my posts. How it's made does define how it works.   

For your analogy, food is good because the recipe and ingredients are good. Not because some reviewer says so. Electronics are the same. 

Disparaging members does not help anybody. A couple members can't help themselves. Your posts are usually far above that. 

I appreciate that.  Most everyone here loves music and loves hifi.  They want to know what is good and what doesn’t work so well.  The hard spots come sometimes because of the wide cross section of people with various years of experience, listening skills and technical understanding that participate on these forums.  The gaps can cause friction.  Some here can afford top end gear while others can only wish for some gear that is less than 25 years old.  Some here have high level technical skills while others know just enough to turn their system on.  We all need to be mindful of these differences and remember that everyone’s goal here is good hifi.

I stepped into hifi as a DYI’er in the late 80s with sound per dollar as the top goal.  I slowly transitioned into higher end hifi over the years to doing an almost no holds barred upgrade to my system a few years ago.  (That was after someone told me that I can’t take it with me).  I got tickets to CES in Chicago in 1989.  That was one of the best days of my life.  (Second to my wedding day, of course.  I’m sticking to that).  Spent the day at the hotel across the street seeing and hearing all of the hifi gear.  My buddy and I snickering at all of the expensive “hifi” cables.  We thought it was crazy at the time.  Look at me now.

That is a foolish comparison 

you need respectable components throughout , my brother owns the $3k Innous 

Ethernet switch by far a Big improvement built from the ground up,

for most people this SW8 Ethernet switch makes areal world difference 

and use at least a $200+ power cord.this Ethernet switch has a Talema linear power supply,low noise regulators, ands OCXO oven  controlled clock ⏰ 

it’s a excellent value  for $599 and yes it makes a difference in smoothing out the rough edges and blacker background myself and 4 others I know own one .

it takes 250 hours to fully runin  .



For your analogy, food is good because the recipe and ingredients are good. Not because some reviewer says so. Electronics are the same. 


But you are missing something critical: Ingredients are not just ingredients, the source or quality of those ingredients matter. If someone thinks they can just get "the recipe" for chocolate, slap some cocoa, butter, sugar and milk together and end up with Cote d'Or they are sadly mistaken, and many know this from experience. But did they ask to have it tested or measured after cooking? No, that would be silly; they just tasted it. Please, tell me a "food testing machine" that can measure the quality of chocolate to take the subjectivity of tasting it out of the question. Same with wine. Or your favourite spirit. Or beer. Oh wait, I got it: your mouth. Who claims they are all the same, and buying chocolate from Belgium is snake oil, and those chocofools wasted their money. Nobody, they would be ridiculed. 

When it comes to construction or metal composition in a speaker and the money someone pays for quality somehow this process is different? 

These threads always crack me up, with some folks insisting other folks "prove" something all the while ignoring the actual reason folks are here (i.e., how things sound).  Every network engineer suddenly also becomes an expert in psychoacoustics.  Like actual listening threatens their worldview, the Luddites of the scientific community.

In my experience, the sonic difference (and what's good or bad) is largely system-dependent and also dependent on the end sound each listener is looking for (newsflash, not everyone wants neutral).

In my systems I have tried the Uptone Audio Ether Regen, the SOTM Switch (with the reclocker), the English Electric switch, and the Ansuz X-TC.  All of them made an audible difference, some more than others.  Honestly, if someone pops the Ansuz into their rig and they can't hear a difference they are either deaf or their system lacks the resolution to hear it.  It's that simple.  More clarity, a wider soundstage, and tighter more detailed bass.   It's not subtle in the least.  Same with the EtherRegen, but in a whole different way.  That's the classic, more relaxed, less harsh sound.  I came in not expecting much and was really surprised at what I heard.  I tested all of these switches in both of my main rigs and while my preference for which switch worked best in each rig was different, the fact that each switch made a difference in both rigs was impossible to ignore.  If you can't handle people using actual experience and trusting their own ears I suggest heading over to ASR and genuflecting at the foot of Amir.  You will love it over there, trust me.


Equipment used to test--Fleetwood DeVille SQs, Volti Rival SEs, Backert Labs Rythem 1.3, McGary SA1E, Merason DAC1 MkII, Technics SU-R1000, Innuos Zenith MkIII, Innuos Pulse, Sonore Optical Rendu & Deluxe Optical Module, HiFi Rose RS130 using both ethernet and optical connections, Border Patrol SE-i DAC, Linear Tube Audio power supplies.