Teton monitors from Wavetouch Audio - A Must Hear

In the market for a pair of monitors recently, to gain more living spaces that being taken over by the growing LPs collection and the Wilson Sophia that I have put up for sale, I start doing some audition, googleing and look around. I know it's going to be a tough task finding any speakers that could produce the sound I have used to for many years from the Sophia.

To make sure I don't make a mistake and miss out on the big names, the likes of Harbert, Tannoy, B&W, psb, sonus....I start hitting the showrooms of LA. All of them are good, decent speakers but they don't strike me as possible replacements for the giant Wilson, three times their sizes. Then I found an unknown brand advertised, kevlar, horn tweeter and exotic rosewood in all. The rosewood always got me, I contacted the owner for a listen. A copy cat of B&W it turn-out and the speakers were bought in lots for testing and experiments by Alex Yoon of Wavetouch Audio in LA. Alex then let me take a peak listen to something he was 'putting together' as he said, and fine-tuning for review at StereoTimes. I hastily agreed. We headed for the studio where he does his work, the size of a four-car garage.

There I was introduced to a pair of tiny monitors, the 'Grand Teton', I later learned, in rich, exotic Russian birchwood that one can tell of top-notch quality, carefully and meticulously put together. We spent the next two hours listen to tracks after tracks of acoustic, instrumentals and vocals music. The monitors fill the huge studio with music as if a pair of 5-foot tall floor standing were in used. Soundstage were ceiling high and 6-foot deep. Vocals were in-your-face with each instrument precisely positioned as if we had attented a jazz rehearsal in a garage. I immidiately inquired about a pair for home audition. This could be the Wilson replacement, I said to myself with reservation. May be Alex had the room treated or using special equipments. But his gear is very mediocre.

Two week past and Alex deliver the monitors for audition. The same pair but has now been finely tuned. Personally position the monitors in my living room, Alex going over some adjustments tips, give me a week to test the monitors and head back to LA. Two day of comparison between the Grand Teton and the Sophia side-by-side, guitar, piano, vocals and everything in between. I contacted Alex and convinced him to leave the sample, don't come back for it and it was purchased with proceed from the Sophia sale. The Grand Teton is now in my living room replacing the giant Wilson for 1/10 the cost, 1/10 the size and not a note missing.

Quite a task for its size. Highly recommended and a must to audiition if you can arrange for one. It will be time well spent just to listen to it.

Music Fanatic,
Irvine, CA
I have never, except when joking around, disputed the potential sound quality or
value of these speakers, but the inability of others to understand what I AM
bugging about sort of makes my case in general. I know about plywood (and
Dixie cups) as I have Baltic Birch plywood in some guitar amp cabs, but
hey...fodder for satire is a finite quantity in audio. I'm all for praising your fave
piece of gear and I do that all the time, although in my case I feel the
manufacturer SHOULD reward me (hear that Jolida?...Silverline?) but they don't
because they're MEAN BASTARDS. My ACTUAL issues with patent claims and
other nonsense on the Wavetouch site have been conveniently and utterly
ignored, and clearly there are others around here who feel a manufacturer (or the
clearly planted shill) using a discussion forum to START a free publicity thread is
lame...especially one as desperate and pathetic as this one. Assuming the
readers around here are stupid is a big mistake.
My ACTUAL issues with patent claims and other nonsense on the Wavetouch site have been conveniently and utterly ignored,

I don't see any mention of patent(s) or "magic" on the Wavetouch website

At this point, you've stated your issues with Wavetouch. No one else seems interested in hearing much more about that. And i haven't seen much in the way of substantiation for your claims, on your part. So, why not let it go or move on to another thread?
Since this is suppose to be a "community" of music lovers I'll attempt to dial this down a bit. W_... Reading your posts in a few other threads i better understand the kind energy and nuance you lead with. Usually your sarcasm is humorous and good natured. I can see how when something gets under your skin you can't let go. I'm totally the same...ask my wife. I have no idea how this thread began. I suspect early purchasers who liked Alex may have started the rallying here to spark further interest. Either way, one thread isn't going to make or break anyone...agreed. I did a little research and found Alex's granted patent dated 2012. His patent was one of twelve patents issued that year in the loudspeaker design catagory. Paradigm, Pioneer, Harmon were some others. He is the only owner as far as I know and I was chiming in with what I know about his work to speak up for what I simply know to be true and to share my personal impressions. I get your disposition here...as you value healthy, spirited, educational, community type discourse you take what you refer to as shilling as a personal afront. That being said I'm done being confrontive.
Now getting back to the music...