TG Audio 688 or Silver vs Black Sand Violet

Thinking in the used market, they'd be around the same price... $200 ish.

Anyone able to offer any comments, experience, opinions.

I currently have a TG Audio HSR-1 into my Tube integrated (Primaluna PL2). And stock cords on everything else. Figure an aftermarket cord on my DAC would be beneficial.

TG Audio PC's are excellent. It's clearly better then AZ Tsunami and a few other cords that I've tried. Better balanced, detailed, smooth with exceptional soundstage. It was beaten by Lessloss PC only which has better ambience retrieval and is more dynamic. Though Lessloss is a bit darker sounding. Tg Audio PC is very good on both, CDP and amp.
I haven't tried BSV.
I love my TG Audio SLVRs on my amps, but would use a digital cord on your DAC such as JPS Labs Digital AC ast about your price point.
I am a huge Tg Audio fan! so keep that in mind.... the 688 is more in line with your HSR-I sound wise, and is a bit sweeter than the SLVR. So if you go SLVR, try that on the amp first, with the HSR-I on the digital.

If 688, then see which you like where. The HSR-I is still a great digital cord, but just a bit less air and hall info than the 688, and the SLVR, on most gear here.

I am not a fan of the JPS ac cords (Digital, Analog, and Power+) as they sound ok if you just listen to music, but they do not stage well for me (if you want players in the room, or want to be transported to the venue like the Tg Wires do so well...)