Thank Heavens For The Internet World Used/ Pre-Owned High End Audio Market!!!!

As a devoted audiophile from way back when, and definitely not one of our more well-heeled audiophiles, always looking to save a dollar or two, the single most and greatest blessing for me and audiophiles like me was the emergence of the "Internet" and online shopping. The internet gave us all access to a vast, marvelous worldwide marketplace of pre-owned high end audio gear that could be purchased in the comfort and convenience of our own homes while sitting on our couches using our own personal computers. What a godsend was the creation of all those wonderful used high end audio websites that emerged that gave us a virtual sea of new and used high end audio for purchase. Over the past over 20 years, I’ve purchased most all of my audio gear online, thereby saving literally thousands upon thousands of dollars off retail. Thanks to internet online high end audio shopping, I still believe in miracles!!!


@kennymacc - Your positivity is refreshing.  I agree, it opened an entire world up to not only equipment but knowledge that most of us had only seen small pieces of by visiting our local stereo shops.  As with everything, it has morphed into something a bit different from what it was in the beginning but, IMO, the good far outweighs the bad.  The journey has been fun.

Yes!!! Over the past over 20 years or so, I’ve purchased and also "SOLD" a ton of used audio gear online. Before the internet, as mentioned, we were mostly at the mercy of the merciless brick-and- mortar dealers who would try to steal your trade-in gear, and then charge top dollar for whatever used gear they had on hand in the store. I remember always searching for used gears in the last few pages of the high end audio magazines where the classified ads were, but if you saw something interesting that you wanted to purchase, you had to hastily make contact with the seller in order  to make a deal before someone else beat you to the punch. Those were the days.

I also love the net & what it's brought to this hobby...
 I will lament though,I kinda miss the monthly run to the magazine stand & perusing the audio journals of old,especially the annual buyers guides,what with EVERY single piece of gear available to the retail market all alphabetized & categorized...

+1 @mapman and agreed with the rest.  My curent system would not have been possible without the internet (TMR & other online shops) and Audiogon.  Back in the day (early 90's) I used to shop at Stereo Exchange on lower Broadway in NYC. Being a student I ended up with a NAD amp & pre-amp, AR speakers and a Sony cd player.