Thank Heavens For The Internet World Used/ Pre-Owned High End Audio Market!!!!

As a devoted audiophile from way back when, and definitely not one of our more well-heeled audiophiles, always looking to save a dollar or two, the single most and greatest blessing for me and audiophiles like me was the emergence of the "Internet" and online shopping. The internet gave us all access to a vast, marvelous worldwide marketplace of pre-owned high end audio gear that could be purchased in the comfort and convenience of our own homes while sitting on our couches using our own personal computers. What a godsend was the creation of all those wonderful used high end audio websites that emerged that gave us a virtual sea of new and used high end audio for purchase. Over the past over 20 years, I’ve purchased most all of my audio gear online, thereby saving literally thousands upon thousands of dollars off retail. Thanks to internet online high end audio shopping, I still believe in miracles!!!



On a side note @jmalen123, MOS generator is from Washington state, not France. They are very big in Europe and issued some albums in France hence your confusion.

Of course it’s left us with precious few HiFi shops to visit, listen to equipment and chat with others eyeball to eyeball. None, in fact, within hundreds of miles from here.  In general, I agree with the OP but miss having 2 or 3 shops in town like many decades ago. 

As a kid  I bough a used HHScott integrated back in 1967 and off I go. I then progressed to an all Adcom system driving Snell C2 speakers all bought used including interconnects and speaker cables.  After decades of flawless use a few years ago I sold that system which funded  used from locals, a Technics SUG 700 integrated amp  and Canton 9k reference speakers.I purchased a new Marantz CD6007 cd player,and since I saved well over 3 grand going used I bought 2 new SVS SB 1000 pro subs to support the Canton speakers. Currently I'm looking for a streamer but in no hurry as I am buying up CDs for a buck each at my local goodwill store all amazing quality.




Totally agree to both the availability of good used higher end gear and the unfortunate demise of brick-and-mortar. 

My audio budget has always been limited so I’ve bought very few pieces new. Some of my best finds were in pawn shops. I joined AGon to buy a pair of Quad speakers which changed my audio life. In 50+ years of buying used gear, I was only burned once on eBay - and it was really my fault for not asking more questions. 

I’ve also seen the number of “stereo stores” shrink from many across a large metroplex to just two snooty ultra-high end shops. When I was hanging out in audio shops they all had used gear on consignment. I bought some used pieces that way, too. And there was a sales guy who would talk about the gear, who often knew the history of where it came from. The two shops in my area won’t deal with used gear. 

Overall, net gain with internet trading, IMO. But I do miss walking into a store and getting to hear different rigs and “educating my ear” to what is possible.