Thank You Fumihiko Sugano and Koetsu

Reports are slowly circulating (WBF, FB Groups) that Fumihiko Sugano passed this August 21. He was the son of Koetsu founder Yoshiaki Sugano, and his chosen heir as the next Koetsu master cartridge builder - which he did brilliantly. Personally, I am grateful to the Sugano family for all the joy their products have brought me via my music collection. The Koetsu midrange magic is still unmatched by anything I've ever heard. 

Business continuity is unclear at this time. I don't know any real details - just surprised this hasn't been posted here yet. Hopefully this isn't another Transfiguration scenario. Either way, I'll carefully preserve and enjoy my Fumihiko Koetsu treasures for the full extent of our lifetimes. 

Thank you again Fumihiko! Godspeed.



Thanks for posting, sad news indeed. I hope the company continues to make these amazing carts. I am curious to know if you’ve heard a Ikeda or Fuuga cart in your amazing system. Which Koetsu cart have the most balanced sound? 

Sad indeed. Just like with Buffet's passing, life goes on for the ones lucky enough to still be kicking. Like many here, the 60's were my birth decade onto audio, how much longer do we really have... knock on wood.

RIP Fumihiko-san. Thank you for the diamond rosewood.

I've only had the one Koetsu, and it's always been stellar. 

Koetsu has been the cart ceiling as long as I've been aware of differences in them....and that's been a good long while...

Never could afford one, always like buying a piece of Notable Art for ones' ears instead of the eyes....😔  A round of sake for the passing of a master of his skills to make diamonds sing...