Thank you millercarbon

Early this year when I built my first M101 Supernova power cable I was really excited. At the time I had Nordost Odin2 to compare. Odin2 is incredibly fast and detailed power cable. One can wonder what the new Odin Gold does. Anyway, when I listened to Supernova I was not losing any speed or detail and yet I was getting bigger soundstage and more relaxed presentation. I have never imagined that I would be able to build a power cable competing with the best of the big brand. So MONEOONE was born. And this is where millercarbon comes in. Chuck was very skeptical about DIY and I needed someone like that to use the cables first and verify the quality. Chuck was so excited about the cables that he had to tell the world immediately what he heard. Fast forward, the first official review of M101 Supernova was published today.


Chuck was spot on with his assessment of the cable performance and instrumental in helping me with starting the business. I will continue working with him in the future because his assessment is precise and his advice is honest and thorough to the best of his knowledge.

Thank you Chuck.

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Very interesting wire configuration, kind of looks like a Synergistic high end speaker cable they market. In theory it should sound exceptional and from what MC says in his review, they do. But as others have pointed out, getting it certified for home use could be a problem with its lack of shielding. I’m sure that could be overcome as it seems like a promising new cable design. Good luck in your endeavors.

The Thank you Note is nice, but how’s the sales of M101 Supernova !?? .. Without decent output the thank you note is no more than marketing move. 

Why is this a fire hazard? I assume the conductors are covered in a slightly oversized clear Teflon tube…..right? At least this is another layer of protection. I doubt the copper conductors are naked.  They would oxidize.