Thanks to Paul McGowan

About a year ago I bought a PS Audio BHK pre-amp  & was very pleased with the improvement in sound quality over the Rotel I had been using. I put in a pair of 60s era Telefunken tubes & thought it sounded great so I went shopping. Recently  I found a pair of PS Audio M1200 mono blocks & thought what the heck. I got them home & installed NOS 1958 Telefunken.tubes.
I should mention the amp I had in the system was a highly modified Carver TFM 45 I bought in the 80s.
What a difference! Have you ever had that OMG moment when you get to hear your music for the first time. I should have ditched the Carver yrs ago.
My hat's off to Paul McGowan!


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I have all of PS Audio's BHK line and their top other components (except speakers) I listen to other systems and am really surprised how good mine sounds. I think the components are noisy but not after the music starts, it is a very upsetting truth for me I can't make my system sound better with other equipment. 

After you watch the videos with Paul you get the feeling like he is doing his best, he seems like a genuine guy with a kind personality. He never says anything unkind on his forum.


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I'l bet his speakers.  sound really good  I bought my Focal Kanta 3s a couple yrs ago so I'm not in the market for his.


Hi, I bought the PS Audio M700's to run my big Kef Reference 5 speakers. I was really impressed with them given their size and weight. So impressed that I very quickly considered the M1200's as an upgrade. In the end I jumped straight to the BHK 300's which I bought used. There is a big difference, as you would expect but I was surprised at how warm sounding they are. I say this because the BHK's are fitted with Tubes on the Input stage as are the 1200's. I have not heard the 1200's personally, but I suspect they will offer a warmer, smoother sound than the 700's, not to mention lots more power.

I only have good things to say reference P S Audio so, If you do get them, I'm sure you won't regret it.