Thanks to Paul McGowan

About a year ago I bought a PS Audio BHK pre-amp  & was very pleased with the improvement in sound quality over the Rotel I had been using. I put in a pair of 60s era Telefunken tubes & thought it sounded great so I went shopping. Recently  I found a pair of PS Audio M1200 mono blocks & thought what the heck. I got them home & installed NOS 1958 Telefunken.tubes.
I should mention the amp I had in the system was a highly modified Carver TFM 45 I bought in the 80s.
What a difference! Have you ever had that OMG moment when you get to hear your music for the first time. I should have ditched the Carver yrs ago.
My hat's off to Paul McGowan!


My wife often gives me dirty looks, although I’m often clueless, I doubt it’s racist :)

@fertguy congratulations on your new component 

Thanks to Paul McGowan

My hat's off to Paul McGowan!

Why? Or why him?

The one that should get ALL the praise is Bascom King.

It is his name BHK.

Bascom King where the one with knowledge and made the design of the HW and a hired gun. In other words any other company could hire him and get that result.

Paul and PS Audio could not create those Bascom King design and sound quality, they tried and failed several times.

Paul failed every time when he thought he had something special and drove to Arnie Nudell with PS Audio amplifier that they tried several different amplifier creations/designs. Each time listening on Arnie Nudell system and they're not pleased with the amplifiers performance.

To that point that in the end Arnie Nudell suggested to Paul "why not hire someone that knows what they are doing." Like Bascom King..

Bascom saved the day for Paul range of amplifiers at PS Audio.

Actually Paul were forced by Bascom that if he should take the design job and put his name on it, then there should be a tube in the circuit!

Paul were not fond of the idea and up to this point PS Audio had no products with any tubes in the lineup.

They made a competition PS Audio they could build whatever input stage on a tube male socket they wanted. So they could swap in and out and shift between a tube or the PS Audio desecrate input stage.

So the opponent Paul lost and gave after when Bascom solution sounded better than PS Audio could create or do.

Bascom could design and do this as a hired gun at someone else company, but PS Audio were the one that needed to create a top of the line amplifier products and with the old connections to Bascom it got to be a natural choice.


So for me it is in practice it is Bascom King that we should lift our hats to. And Paul is contributing with a electronic manufacturing facility that is nothing unique in its self. And Paul were more in the way of Bascom design ideas.