Thanks to Paul McGowan

About a year ago I bought a PS Audio BHK pre-amp  & was very pleased with the improvement in sound quality over the Rotel I had been using. I put in a pair of 60s era Telefunken tubes & thought it sounded great so I went shopping. Recently  I found a pair of PS Audio M1200 mono blocks & thought what the heck. I got them home & installed NOS 1958 Telefunken.tubes.
I should mention the amp I had in the system was a highly modified Carver TFM 45 I bought in the 80s.
What a difference! Have you ever had that OMG moment when you get to hear your music for the first time. I should have ditched the Carver yrs ago.
My hat's off to Paul McGowan!


@optimize Paul may not be a brilliant electronics engineer, but he has been able to attract strong talent and build a successful high-end audio company with some longevity. There are very few independent US hifi companies that have been as successful. 

I've only owned a couple PS Audio products (Powerplant 3 and now Powerplant 12), but I have a lot of respect for the company and I think Paul and his son have managed their business very well. 



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My wife often gives me dirty looks, although I’m often clueless, I doubt it’s racist :)

@fertguy congratulations on your new component 



Per the comment from optimise regarding BHK and Paul McGowan. Maybe you noticed this week that Gregg Popovich made the NBA Hall of Fame. Pop never scored a single point, or grabbed a rebound or had an assist. All he did was build and cmaintain one of the best team dynasties ever. It takes a great coach to do that, and it takes a decision-maker at an audio supplier to seek better designs and accept the best design when they see it. That’s a credit to McGowan, not a liability. I suspect the late BHK would agree. Incidentally, everything you cited is either in Paul’s book or has been mentioned by Paul on his numerous podcasts. No secret.