Thanks to Paul McGowan

About a year ago I bought a PS Audio BHK pre-amp  & was very pleased with the improvement in sound quality over the Rotel I had been using. I put in a pair of 60s era Telefunken tubes & thought it sounded great so I went shopping. Recently  I found a pair of PS Audio M1200 mono blocks & thought what the heck. I got them home & installed NOS 1958 Telefunken.tubes.
I should mention the amp I had in the system was a highly modified Carver TFM 45 I bought in the 80s.
What a difference! Have you ever had that OMG moment when you get to hear your music for the first time. I should have ditched the Carver yrs ago.
My hat's off to Paul McGowan!


@fertguy I have been watching Paul channel on YouTube for years, also have his audio book which is a fun listen.

To me that guy doesn’t not have a bad bone in him.

I am sorry, but to call him a racist is so wrong on so many levels, I think you should apologize too him and the community, calling people racist should be something one should not take lightly and just throw out there.

A person that so easily praises other people in his own company and the audio community has a lot of kindness, respect and understanding for other people.

Just a very good guy.