That sound is right for me.

It is youtube video and I am listening through headphone. It is really right sound for me. It is nothing to do with the speakers as I am listening through headphone.  This guy has made preamplifier and power amplifier both by himself and they are both tube one. 

My question is that which pre and power could have that high in the market? does not matter it is brand new or used.



I have several time listening Altec speakers at site and felt extra  well each time. These are all old equipments and some one can handle it if there is small problem, and I am not sure I can handle it.

In another topic, we are discussing when is the best time to make the best hifi device. And some professional guys said it is now.  So I am wondering if I can buy the current model  with such good sound?

 Thanks very much @jasonbourne52 ​​​​​​, we are  in the  almost same position to understand the sound.

I just can't handle old equipments by myself.


There are many great tube brands, that produce amps that might be suitable for such speakers, but this video came to my mind...check Silbatone


@clearthinker As I said before, some one might not agree, if we can do assessments the hifi system via headphones listen on YouTube, you are one of them. I respect that opinion and we do not argue about it. Let us keep the difference between us. I said we could do that in rough idea, not very precise way. Someone agree with me,some one not agree with me.

Let's not argue about it. 

I believe the op is asking which preamps and amps on the market would meet or exceed the quality of the diy components in the video.