The 5 Jazz Recordings You Would Take With You...

stranded on an island. You can only take 5. On this magical island there is a system suited to your specific tastes and the front end of your choice. Keep in mind only jazz will be tolerated on this island. Any other musical format will bring unfreindly natives to your doorsteps who will take you off and boil you in oil. Only five, don't cheat. What's in your suitcase?
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"Stratus" was going to be my fusion #6 choice....
and then the obligatory Weather report "Heavy Weather" and RTF "Romantic Warrior"
I just picked up a jazz CD by a bass player from Columbus, Ohio named Andy Woodson called "Catalpa" that is wonderful. Michael Cox plays soprano sax on several of the cuts and does an exceptional job. If I could only choose five recordings this would be one of them. Patricia Barber's "Cafe Blue" and "Modern Cool" would be two more I would choose. A CD by jazz drummer Toshio Osumi called "Go with the Swingin" would be number number four and Johnny O'Neil's "In Good Hands" would be number five.
1. Inner Mounting Flame - Mahavishnu Orchestra
2. Spectrum - Billy Cobham
3. Blue Train - Coltrane
4. Transition - Coltrane
5. Karma - Pharoah Sanders
No, I am not going to say Blue Train by Coltrane or Kind of Blue by Miles that would be too easy and a bit reduntant. So these are the five I would play the most till the grooves literally wore out.

BLUES WALK - Lou Donaldson
The Melody at Night With You - Keith Jarrett
Gerry Mulligan meets Ben Webster
Boss Tenor - Gene Ammons
Stan Getz/Kenny Barron - People Time

With these five I could hold out a long time, maybe FOREVER.
1. Sun Ra: "The Magic City"
2. Ornette Coleman: Atlantic box set (this might be cheating)
3. John Coltrane: "A Love Supreme"
4. Eric Dolphy: "Out To Lunch"
5. Cecil Taylor "Unit Structures"