The 5 stages of making a bad audio purchase

This is tongue in cheek people, so let’s keep the replies light shall we?
The 5 Stages of Making a Bad Audio Purchase:

1. Denial: "My system, which before was of course totally awesome, is now totally awesomer! The sound stage isn’t just 3 dimensional any more, it is 4 dimensional. I can feel fingers sliding across guitar strings, drums are like my head is against the snare, and the bass goes 10hz lower ...."

2. Anger: "WHAT DO YOU MEAN YOU DON’T BELIEVE MY SYSTEM WENT FROM AWESOME TO AWESOMER!!!. You obviously have a crap system, your ears are crap, you are just jealous."

3. Bargaining: "Hey, this gadget will make your already awesome system totally awesomer! 60% of MFR list is a great deal for it! That’s 40% off and you don’t even have to pay tax. I am only selling it because I am upgrading to the even awesomer version 2. My loss is your gain."

4. Depression: "I can’t believe I spent $5,000 on this thing ....."

5. Acceptance: "Sure, 75% off list is fair."
Nope, we can't even agree to this. According to some, who seem to have a delusion, people that understand the technical aspects of audio  couldn't possibly just listen to and enjoy music :-)

asvjerry704 posts11-07-2019 1:24am
At least, at the end of the day, we do agree on one thing:
We like music.

This thread is hilarious. I wonder what your local homeless/hobo (you know you have some out there, somewhere nearby) would think of a $5k interconnect?
Har har
I like to pretend that that’s exactly what they want my loose change for, so they can finally power up their CH Precision preamp with that long-coveted Odin power cable....
I spent 10 bucks on my SONY WALKMAN CD Player, 10 bucks on my SONY MDR v700 Headphones 🎧 which are fabulous by the way, so as you can imagine I have ZERO buyer’s remorse for my system. I do have a little tiny bit of buyer’s remorse for all the tweaks in my room, however. I estimate there must be at least a few grand tied up in tweaks. Oh, well, that’s the way it goes sometime.
iv'e had some failures but i think it made me make better decisions later. now i know that if a component is described as having very fast bass it means there's no bass. if something has lots of resolution and's bright as fu*#. even sounding or flat means dull ,exciting means ear piercing. i understand why people make those mistakes it's very difficult to get synergy throwing together arbitrary components .it's almost impossible to know which components are good in the first place and after that how to pair them. even the traditional market leading companies have bad products at any price point so you can trust no one but yourself. it's a matter of luck, making good decisions and luck.  

Say no more...well.said.