The Absolute Sound "review" of USB cable reads suspiciously like a press releaste

I mean c'mon—can't you even throw in a few according-to-the-manufacturer's?
One other thing that needs clarification- the concepts of bit perfect and low jitter are NOT homomorphic.
Bit perfect simply means that the recovered output data sequence is the same as the original input sequence- which in turn means that the recovered output changes in state are within the correct timing windows.
It tells you nothing about the stochastic and deterministic components of the jitter other than the combination of both in any given timing window does not cause the data to fall outside the recovery region.
Again, the fact that the input sequence is not perfectly timed is not relevant providing the data recovery circuitry/algorithms are able to cope with the imperfections. The use of data corrections (CRCs etc) can ensure bit perfect output sequence results. The use of quality retiming can ensure extremely low jitter prior to the conversion (or indeed during the conversion) to analog.

For high rate data recovery PLLs with jitter in the 100fs region or lower are de rigeur. For audio the best PLLs/DLLs used are sub ps. The theory concerning the eventual SINAD of the data at the output and the resulting impairments is quite clear. There's a reason that digital recording/playback of audio has improved by so much in the last three decades.
Don't you people buy these, as such you should expect your advertising dollar (purchases) being spent in this way!  Why the objections?
People who envision actual 1’s and 0’s traveling down their USB cable genuinely crack me up.

They will then accuse YOU of magical thinking and fairy dust arguments.  Oh the irony.
Your going too fast. People can’t Google to understand your terms that quickly :)