The amazing new Marigo Evolution Signature Mat

I want to share my amazingly positive experience with the new Marigo Evolution Signature CD Mat. I have used Marigo's CD mats over the years from their very first offering, I believe about fifteen or so years ago. The Evolution Signature mat is the fourth iteration of the Marigo mat. Each successive "generation" had wrought positive improvements from my Mark Levinson Reference 31.5 transport. (While the top loading Levinson comes with its own CD clamp, I have ordered parts from Levinson and have made my own CD clamp, substituting their carbon fiber disk for your Marigo mat.) The latest Evolution Signature mat's improvement is so substantial that it is a larger "jump" in performance than from the standard Levinson clamp to the last generation "3D Signature V2" mat!
I hear a startling increase in the focus of imaging placement within the sound stage. The focus of everything in that sound stage is both tighter and possesses a three dimensional body that most digital simply lacks. Tone saturation is richer. The bass not only goes deeper, but is more tuneful as well. The highs are better defined and extended. The mid range is the icing on the cake. Voices are much better defined and clarified, combined with the improvement in density of tone and harmonic texture now sound shockingly real and alive. The sense of space and performance venue is greatly improved as well.

Overall the music has so much more of a relaxed quality to it similar to that of master tape analogue that allows me to simply listen to the music and not work as hard having my brain trying to connect the "digital dots". The increased resolution, focus, dynamics, detail, sense of space, articulation, and what I would call a "continuousness" of saturated tone, all combine to literally transform my digital playback to a level that I have never experienced before! I know that this must seem like hyperbole. The overall improvement is SHOCKING!

In the context of my high end system the $200 that I had paid for Evolution Signature mat that replaced the Reference V2 mat, was the cheapest money that I have ever spent for the most improvement in my system!

If anyone has a Reference V2 mat, they may be loathe to replace it, as it is most excellent. I can tell you from first hand experience, that the new Evolution signature mat is on a whole different and much higher level of sonic improvement.

For anyone has never tried a Marigo CD mat or any mat for that matter, this is the one to have. This is not just a simple "tweak", this is an essential and basically "give away" priced in terms of the substantial sonic upgrade that truly must be experienced to be believed. In the context of my high end audio system, this is making an improvement that I did not think possible and at a price that was ridiculously low. Based on my listening experience, this may be the biggest bargain in audio today!
I appreciate your post a lot. I have a SID mat in a 8k system and I easily hear a positive difference with it on many cd's. And you have provided some useful info for me and I imagine others too. I think it depends on what you are listening for and what you are able to hear. I have no in depth knowledge but I wouldn't be surprised if each persons ears for a lots of reasons hear differently. It doesn't matter though I live in my own world and deal with that one, not others. Thanks again.
First, I don't know squat about this mat.
Second, A while back I bought a Playback Designs MPS-5 player and I didn't feel that the stock feet were up to snuff. Some one here did a similar review of a product called Marigo Mystery Feet or something like that. I found out that Margio is next door to me, about 100 miles away, so I decided to call them, or him. Now those feet were stupid expensive and I had just spent a ton of dough on the MPS-5 but he gave a 30 day money back deal, so I thought what the hell. While I was talking to the guy he asked me where I lived and when he found out that I was nearby he said he would pay the shipping and told me to forget about the 30 day deal - he said that if I ever didn't like the feet, just send them back and I would get my money back!
Well, I had NO intention of keeping the feet, too much money and I did not believe they could make much of a difference, plus, I would only be out a couple of bucks for the return shipping. The next day they arrived,I put em under the player and they have never left yet! I didn't want to believe they would work but I couldn't ignore what I heard. YMMV.
I find the OP believable but sounds a bit like an advertisement. Over the years I've found different isolation under different components can make a big difference. At present I've found my Ayre CD5MP prefers a carbon fiber base while my Audio Research DAC8 insists on being directly coupled to the two inch thick stand shelf.
hi all ! We used to just put two cd's in the drawer and listen that way , yup made a difference . Then I got a metal disc from discwasher , went on top of the cd ...and yup that made an audible difference also.Dont know what happened to the discwaser disc and I dont remember the last time I loaded 2 cd's in the drawer .It changed the sound , just not for the better or worse .