The Amazing Purifi Speaker Drivers ! Major-Breakthrough

More info on these Purifi Speaker Drivers !

Purifi Drivers sound their very best in Kroma Atelier Loudspeakers and we should find out how good the all new Kroma Atelier Mercedes Loudspeakers with All Purifi Drivers! are at Munich 2023 Show !

The new Kroma Atelier Mercedes Loudspeakers are not on their web site yet but they are on You Tube đŸ˜²


Fostex had a hyperbolic paraboloidal cone surround etc in 1999 and still does. Purifi is just using something similar it's not a breakthrough at all. That's just marketing it's just a modern driver. More similar to others than different. it's the same basic design that was created in 1926 by Clair L Farrand.

I have been using Purifi drivers for over 2 years they are very special. Great midrange clarity and they are a seamless blend with my ViaWave ribbon tweeters. Tom

They do seem to measure with exceptionally low distortion.  Not sure if I'd hear it myself compared to existing excellent mid-woofers in the same size: