The Audio Research Reference 10 is here $30k

The Audio Research Reference 10 is here. $30k is the entry fee. Check it out in the link below.
Thanks Bifwynne, I am sure the ph7 is a step up but I have lost my appetite to move up the ARC line - can't buy into the constant churning of new and improved...
Dave b,

I would guess that we disagree with what is "neutral" sound. I have heard AR gear in numerous system, though not my own, and as I have mentioned above, I don't really like their linestages below the Reference 3. I am with Orpheus that the sound can be characterized as "analytical." This is a matter of personal preference. These days, a lot of gear deliver a similar sound, so it appears to be a preference of some audiophiles.
Personally, I have no problem with ARC releasing new Reference products whenever they like.

Automakers release new/updated products every year.. I see no difference.

The older ARC products continue to function just fine with every new release, and they also support them better than just about any other company in the industry.

If you don't want to stay on the bleeding edge just step off the upgrade merry-go-round. I did a while ago and am still very happy with my aging products. :)
This is a more general comment about ARC. I was always a big fan of theirs with alot of respect for their equipment. My father owned their gear since the company started in the early 70's. A few examples of what I have onwed through the years (not at the same time of course) are VSi55, Dual 79, D52B, D300, VT60, SP5, LS3B, etc. All very fine pieces of equipment in my opinion. Their own arrogance on the phone (I won't mention names) is what put me against them. When I had a VT60 I enjoyed the amp, but when I called with questions, the person on the other end of the line basically said the amp was no good and criticized it (their own product). As a rule of thumb, I was always taught not to criticize former products your company made - it is bad business. But I guess if you criticize your old gear and convince the customer it is no good, that is one way to force it into obsolescence.
How I understand it from several people who have worked there is that the ARC internal company policy is a 90-day product release schedule. IOW every 90 days there is supposed to be a new product replacing an existing product somewhere in the lineup.