The Beatles Revolver

Just read where Giles Martin is using  AI-powered audio separation technology to remix Revolver. From what I read he can take the mono tracks and separate all the instruments and vocals on the 4 track tape the were recorded on and then I guess remix them in 24 track or whatever he wants. Is this good? I love The Beatles and no matter how much better it my sound it not the same. They had what they had in 1966. And George Martin did wonders with 4 tracks. Where does this reissuing of classic albums stop. Is Revolver remixed in multi tracks still Revolver?


I read Martin wasn't doing anything to the mono so it should sound the same as the last reissue.

Spent some time with this over the weekend.  I don't know if the alternate version of Tomorrow Never Knows had been released prior but that is the highlight of this release IMHO.  Overall I think the mix is excellent and this release is worth paying attention to.  

I agree! What the Beatles did with Giles Martin is ART!  Tampering with the original tapes is in effect to produce something that is NOT the Beatles creation! The CD cover should say " Revolver - An interpretation by Giles Martin in Multi-Channel sound ".

George Martin was the artist.

Martin Junior - Giles and the Abbey Road half-wit remasterers are hacks.


ART! When you find a masters painting that has been in storage for years you restore it. You lift away the crud so you can see what is under it.

When I listened to the Atmos mix I heard separation of strings, inflections of voices, crispness of horns that I didn’t hear before. Isn’t that like a restoration of a masters art work? That wasn’t an accident, if you watch the video interview of Giles he discusses the process that was used to restore info that was on the original masters.


As above- Both, the Fans want more and Capitalists are creating the market.


Happy Listening!