The Beatles Revolver

Just read where Giles Martin is using  AI-powered audio separation technology to remix Revolver. From what I read he can take the mono tracks and separate all the instruments and vocals on the 4 track tape the were recorded on and then I guess remix them in 24 track or whatever he wants. Is this good? I love The Beatles and no matter how much better it my sound it not the same. They had what they had in 1966. And George Martin did wonders with 4 tracks. Where does this reissuing of classic albums stop. Is Revolver remixed in multi tracks still Revolver?


As above- Both, the Fans want more and Capitalists are creating the market.


Happy Listening!

After listening to the new mix it does sound better. It has to with 2022 technology. My original post was not to argue that point. I still say listen to both and enjoy. But the remix is not the album The Beatles released it’s the album Giles Martin released. I still prefer my original Mono Copy but that’s just me. It’s just great that in 2022 people are still buying and enjoying Beatles music 56 years later.

You can’t go out and buy that original mono copy at the store (maybe ebay?), but anyone can stream the new mixes. Congrats to the owners of the original but for the rest of us it is nice to have a refresh.