The Beatles

What the hell is the fascination with the beatles??? Please can anyone tell me why anybody likes them??? They were horrible musicians, their music was sugarcoated pop with cute hooks and they took themselves to be serious music writers with a message. Beethoven would probably would have laughed
Shubertmaniac - Actually, I agree that selling a jillion albums has nothing to do with their influence and, to a large extent, significance. I only brought it up since your line of reasoning seemed to be centered on measures of popularity.

Who did they influence in the '80's and '90's? Squeeze, Marshall Crenshaw, Crowded House, Fountains of Wayne, Moxy Fruvous, Oasis, Charlatans UK. These are just bands that come immediately to mind that I listen to often.

I'm not personally arguing that the Beatles transcend the ages, mainly because I'm not enough of a student of music history to say that with any authority. But their influence, success and skill are all but inarguable. Go read the entry on them on All-Music Guide ( - they quite eloquently explain how the Beatles transcended everybody else.

I have a 14 year old daughter and I'm very aware that the Beatles hold no particular interest to her or her friends. Again, though, aren't we back to talking about popularity issues as opposed to significance or skill?

I think it's quite possible that you don't understand based on being in a different musical universe than I and many others. Your example of Hank Williams Sr. is a good example - he's definitely not in my musical universe - there are clearly many to exist in and very few people can be in very many at once.

KThomas..we are both right...our musical universes are (and those that crucfied me) are just totally different. I guess I am now satisfied. Enough from me for awhile.
Schubertmaniac - Interestingly enough, anecdotal evidence doesn't do much for any of us. I live in the Metro Detroit area and our classic rock and oldies stations play quite a bit of Beatles music, "come Together" and "Let It Be" seeming to be two of their corporate headquarter's favorite. As we all know, 99% of FM stations are owned and programed by corporations who only want to make some money from them. And, this is interesting: our local "jazz" station plays NO Miles, Mingus, Monk, or Coltrane let alone anything from Chet Baker, Charlie Parker, or even Duke Ellington. We do get lots of Earl Klugh, Grover Washington, and Anita Baker, none of whom show any influence of any of the truly greats listed above. Oh yeah, and my 19 yr old nephew (who I see once a year) absolutely loves the Beatles and has told me he "intensely studied" them for his music. His band (alt rock) has won two battle of the bands in the last 18 months and is booked almost every weekend. And for his high school graduation a year ago, three people, including me, bought him Miles Davis' Bitches Brew box set! David recently told me he likes Santana's last album but that "His first six albums are his Canon." Anyway, I personally think kids today are, in many respects, a pretty shallow bunch of people. I know I was when i was 14. Aw, what the Hell...Miles, Coltrane, Hendrix, and The Beatles absolutely rule!!
Yea! please stay away Shubertmaniac. My 15 year old daughter loves the beatles, and the Backstreet boys. Or any band that sings love songs "to her" That's there apeal, love songs. It's not original, they just carried it to the next generation, and better than any band prior or sence. It may be hard for you , in your universe to understand, but it's that simple. Wish I understood earlier that was all you needed.