the best amp to run the bass of infinity RS-1b's

I have a pair of infinity rs 1b's and am running them with a pair of bryston 4b-st's. I have a nakamichi dragon 3 piece cd setup with a nakamichi CA7A pre-amp to the brystons. I have 2 pairs of mit MH-750 CVTerminator II cables to the speakers. I am looking at a pair of Bryston 7b's at 500/ch at 8ohms, 800/ch at 4ohms. Classe Ca-400 400/ch at 8ohms, 800/ch at 4ohms. Mcintosh mc2500 500/ch at 8ohms. Perreaux 5150b at 500/ch 8ohms. I like rock,jazz country and classical. All the amps are for sale in my area and I am wondering which would give me the best punch and sound for the type of music i listen to.

Thanks for the help
The Threshold S500 Series II Class A amps with optical bias were a popular choice, with ARC tubes driving the mid/tweeter panels.
Thanks.  Hadn't considered Threshold, but will put them on the list.  Has anyone heard Spectral driving the woofers?

By the way, I had the woofers rebuilt by Watkins several years ago.  Did a fine job.
Depending on budget, if you’re looking for keepers, i’d look at the PS Audio BHK tube hybrid mono’s or BHK stereo amp. Arnie Nudell said they were the first amps that changed his mind about running pure tube amps on his IRS-V’s. That would allow you to drive the bass & mid/tweeter panels with one pair of amps since they’ll give you some tube goodness.
Good suggestion, hadn't thought of that.  They're out in Colorado, and would be worth a trip from here in Kansas.  Have you followed the discussions and videos from Paul McGowan as he set up his IRS V's?